Building New Audiences, Engaging the Community with Pinterest

When we think of the social media industry, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may come to mind, but what about Pinterest? You may be surprised to know how big of a social media contender they have turned out to be. Pinterest, launched in 2010, remains a big player in the social media market. Experian Hitwise US, ranks the photo-sharing platform as fifth in terms of social media traffic as of August 2013 with over 35 million visits. Pinterest is no small contender. According to Business Insider, they now have 25 million members and they are currently valued at $2.5 billion. So, is Pinterest still relevant for the news industry to use?

This week I highlight some of the news organizations that are using Pinterest for innovative purposes and shedding light on new ways that Pinterest can open the door for nonprofit news organizations to use the platform to build new audiences and engage with the community. Read more on the INN site >>

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