Choose Your Own Adventure: New Digital Journalism Book from Knight Foundation

Nowadays, journalism teachers use resources ranging from textbooks to online videos and techniques like case studies and role play. Another option for educators is a new digital book by the Knight Foundation that explores journalism’s past, present and future, and offers a learning layer with lesson plans. In this article I explain the various ways journalism educators (high school or college) can use the learning layers of “Searchlights and Sunglasses” in their own classrooms. Read more on the Knight Foundation Website >>

Leading the Way: INN Members Pioneer State Public Data Initiatives

Data-driven journalism is quickly becoming another important skill set in the reporter’s toolbox, a unique form of storytelling in today’s digital media environment and a way for public data to reach people that shows real impact. This week, I focus on INN members and New Mexico In-Depth and their innovative approaches to covering their state using data-driven journalism techniques that are making a big impact one data point at a time. Read more on the INN site >>

Data Journalism Panels to Check out at ONA 13

Are you heading to ONA13?

Check out this list of Data Journalism panels during the three-day conference:

Day 1, Oct. 17

[For Journalism] Git for Journalists

Turning Civic Information Into Civic Narrative

Closing the Digital and Data Divide: Data Journalism in Developing Countries

[For Journalism] Storytelling with Data

I Need Data for My Story. Help.

Data Journalism: The Tower of Babel Problem

Day 2, Oct. 18

If I.F. Stone Had a Computer: Document Mining in the Digital Age

“Ha, Your Data’s Showing”

Big Data, Little Newsroom

Day 3, Oct. 19

Build Your First Data Driven Map with Tile Mill

Building New Audiences, Engaging the Community with Pinterest

When we think of the social media industry, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may come to mind, but what about Pinterest? You may be surprised to know how big of a social media contender they have turned out to be. Pinterest, launched in 2010, remains a big player in the social media market. Experian Hitwise US, ranks the photo-sharing platform as fifth in terms of social media traffic as of August 2013 with over 35 million visits. Pinterest is no small contender. According to Business Insider, they now have 25 million members and they are currently valued at $2.5 billion. So, is Pinterest still relevant for the news industry to use?

This week I highlight some of the news organizations that are using Pinterest for innovative purposes and shedding light on new ways that Pinterest can open the door for nonprofit news organizations to use the platform to build new audiences and engage with the community. Read more on the INN site >>

Building Community, Innovation: The Power of Coding Workshops, Hackathons for Nonprofit News Organizations

Social coding events like coding workshops, codeathons, and hackathons seem to be happening on a weekly basis in the United States and around the world. Do a quick search online and you will be surprised to see the number of events being held in your own state or city. The premise of these social coding events is to bring people together with different skills sets (e.g. designers, developers, journalists, etc.) for a few hours to a few days (depending on the event), to learn (code or new skills) or to build something (an idea, an app, a platform, a data visualization, etc.) and in the process, network with each other, build community and hopefully have a good time. This week I take a look into what it takes for a nonprofit news organization to implement its own social coding event. I had the opportunity to talk with three coding event experts who share their insights on what news organizations need to keep in mind when deciding to host a coding event.
Read more on the INN site >>