Ebook Tips for Nonprofit News Organizations

If you are a nonprofit news organization, you may be thinking of potential methods to diversify the way your news content can be distributed to a variety of publics. One method to consider is the route of offering your content through ebooks. The ebook industry is an area that all news organizations should be watching closely. This week I cover tips on how nonprofit news organizations can jump into starting their own ebook initiative.
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Voice of San Diego Launches New Site, New Social Experience

Today the Voice of San Diego launches a new website. It’s not just a redesign, but also a major restructuring of the content management system and a change to the overall news experience for the end user. I had the chance to get an exclusive interview with the Voice of San Diego about their new site and what this change will mean for the staff and their readers.
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How To Keep Your Digital Accounts Secure

Lately, news organizations have been in the news not just reporting it. In recent months and weeks, several major news organizations have been victims of hacking in which they have had their social media accounts, computer systems and/or email compromised. In lieu of these recent events, whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit news organization, are your digital accounts secure? This week I explore options on how you can safeguard your social media accounts, email, and content management systems. Read More on the INN Site >>

Search Insights: Getting to Know Your Audience Better

As a nonprofit news organization, you may think you know who your news audience is by your interactions with them via social media channels, through chats or discussions forums, or even at face-to-face events, but that is only a part of it. Do you know what your audience is doing when they are searching for information online? Do you know the people who are coming to your site from a search? You can get to know your audience better by understanding their search activities and in the process you may be able to gain some new readers along the way. This week’s post focuses on how to understand search and some tools that can help you to know your audience better. Read More on the INN Site >>